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A month and a half

Well it's been a month and a half. 

A month and a half ago we started our son on medication. 

Prozac to be exact. 

Within that month and a half we've had the privelege of what feels like, meeting our son for the first time. 

We've learned that he doesn't like crusts on bread (typical kid)! 
Having the lights out at night makes him lonely. 
He doesn't like having Lucy sleep in his room.
He only likes pickles at room temperature.
He's not crazy about yellow cheese.
He thinks Emma's amazing. 
He's also called her his hero once or twice.
He thinks I'm "just Lovely"
He knows that God is with him.

The list goes on and on, but put by the doctor, when he's on the medicine, he's not acting Autistic. 

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord, is all I can say! 

For whatever reason Cal is extremely sensitive to the TINY dosage of medicine that we've been giving him.  We've had to change the dosage size about 4 times and the time of day we give it to him has changed. 

But it has been amazing. 

He's talked more in the past month and a half than I have EVER heard him talk.  He's playing with others and having imaginative play.  He's dancing around the house almost every day!  He's telling me knock-knock jokes. 

It has been such a joy and such a blessing from God to see him grow and open up and share with us.  We are so in love with this little boy!  We practically hang on his every word to see what cute thing he's going to say with us or what he's going to share with us next.  He and Emma have bonded even more and the screaming and crying and having 38,000 tantrums a day has stopped.  Completely!

I am one happy Mama these days, and one very thankful Christian that the Lord has helped us so immensely with Cal. 
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