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Wonderfully Imperfect

I found this post on Pinterest.

I love it. 
It describes what I was just thinking earlier tonight. 

By the way, greetings from the mother of one super-smart, smart mouthed little girl and one autistic little boy...both who are amazing. 

Things here have been busy on the ranch.  There was this thing called Easter last week...super busy celebrating our Saviour being alive!!!  This week I am making Birthday invitations, shopping for supplies, teaching, cleaning, packing the kiddos up for fun times, making snacks for various activities, and volunteering at a children's resale upon which I am a board member.

My head feels like it is going to explode. 

Where was I? 

Oh yeah, the saying above. 

See, I was driving home tonight from going to Hobby Lobby.  Then Michaels.  Then back to Hobby Lobby.  Then Joann's.  Praise the Lord Joann's was the winner. 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

Where was I? Oh yes, I've reached this junction in my life where any mundane task, job, and/or errand sans children has become blissfully nice.  You could send me to pump gas and I would be happy.  Because I wouldn't be listening to the fighting.  Or stopping every 200 yards to RE-buckle Cal.  Or listening to something with screaching and guitars being played by people who never should have written children's music...but I digress. 

Anyway, like I said I was on my way home and was thinking about our life. 

Money struggles, Cal's diagnosis', Nick working all of the time, laundry piled up to my eye balls...

11 years ago when I fell in love with Nick...this is all I ever wanted. 


I didn't care how poor we were.  How many struggles we had.  How much I had to clean.  I wanted to be with that man.  Now.  Then.  Forever.

And I am.  It's wonderful.  And things definitely are not perfect.  But God never said this would be perfect.  But I'm living out my wonderful, dream filled life with the man I love.  With the man who holds me up when I can't do this anymore. 

There is no other man in this whole world who I would want to walk this journey with.  I know that God has a plan for us and I know he did then, all those years ago. 

I'm just thankful I'm with someone so handsome.  Because even though this life isn't perfect, it is blissfully wonderful. 
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