Product Love: East Shore Mustard

I wanted to take a wee-bit o time today to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart...
it's called Mustard. 

East Shore Mustard to be more exact.  I love this stuff.  Pardon the horrid photo...perhaps I should open up a new email address for complaints on photos...we'll direct those to my husband.  Make sure you drop hints like "buy that woman a dslr for God's sake" know, things like that.

Anyway you can buy the mustard directly on their website.  We first discovered the mustard at the Silly Goose Store in Door County when we were up at the cottage a few years ago.  Since then I have been in love with that stuff.  Since then I have purchased it at the Round Barn Winery which a scoch closer to where we live. 
I usually eat it like this...tons of pretzels and the mustard.  The kids don't like the mustard as it is a little too spicy for them, so most of the pretzels are eaten by hungry children who like to act like they are never, ever, not ever, never fed. 

And I should mention the spicy does have a little. It's a weird spicy/sweet thing going on in your mouth when eating it...I think I would compare the spiciness to a horseradishness. 

I think I have a certain type of rad-ishness going on as well, wouldn't you agree?  :) 

Anyway, go and order yourself some great mustard.  It's made in Wisconsin, I don't get paid to talk about it, and that's that.