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My Mullet Purse

This past week the best husband ever...EVER!  bought me a new purse.  I think he know's I need a little buying off after being gone for 10 days in a row with 14 hour work days...I don't really need bought off.  Please, I'm not shallow.  I just like to try to make up reasons that he does things for me to bug me...

Uh-oh, someone's got himeself a girlfriend...

Just teasing.  And if you're an ardent blog reader you can see that we've made up.  I mean, we weren't fighting but I think a few blogs ago I may have sounded, maybe, well....hmmm....disgruntled, perhaps? 

Anyway, the picture above is one of what the inside of my purse looks like.  It has two sides surrounded by a zippered portion in the middle.  I like this purse because it is HUGE.  I could lose a small car in this purse.  It will be perfect for throwing files in it and going out on the town for homeschooling adventures. 

Anyway, as convenient as this purse is, I also feel a little too dumb to use it and always seem to lose things.  So I designed a system. 

Here's what I told Nick: "My purse is like a mullet.  Business in the front (wallet, agenda, etc.), Party (homeschooling materials, magazines, "extras") in the back."

Ya like that? 

Nick thinks I am going insane. 

So, see? I have a mullet purse!

I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!
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