Super Busy at Home

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He's Home

As I've mentioned before my husband has a very confusing schedule. 
Here is how it goes
monday: work
Tuesday: work
Wednesday: off
Thursday: off
Friday: work
Saturday: work
Sunday Work

Week 2:
Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: work
Thursday: work
Friday: off
Sunday: off

It's an okay schedule.  I'm not too keen on having my husband gone for weekends, but at least its only half of the weekends, right?  Week 1 is horrid when we are in the trenches.  And I shouldn't even say the entire week, it's just that 3 day weekend when he has to work.  I

Inevitably he always works the weekend that there is something totally awesome to do that I REALLY don't want to take the kids to by myself...last weekend Nick suggested I take the kids to a sugar camp and spend the ENTIRE day making Maple Syrup with them.  It does sound like a lot of fun...provided Nick was with me.  But two kids by myself sounds like a lot of meltdowns for kids and for Moms. 

But this weekend he has off!  Praise the Lord!  I am so super excited to have this guy home with me.  It's just unbelievable.  We've been working on all of us getting along...Monday and Tuesday were wonderful so I have high hopes for the weekend.

We have big plans for the weekend, do you?

In big plans I mean I have way too much stuff planned for us to do so I am sure it will be busy and exhausting, but a lot of fun. 

I am planning on us going to the bank (yee-haw) and FINALLY getting the kids ACTUAL college funds set up. We can move their money into their own accounts. 

We are going to the produce co-op this weekend for fruits and veggies. 

We are going to the library. 

We are going to the library sale. 

We are going shopping for clothes on Saturday.

We are going to the Detroit Museum of Fine Art.

We are going to the Astoria bakery in downtown Detroit where they make the best things in the whole-wide world. Seriously.  You need to check this place out. 

Nick is getting the crib out of our house.  First it was a crib.  Then we took some of the parts off and made it a partial crib.  Then we made it into a toddler bed.  And finally we are done with it.  Each step required taking parts off, so we are collecting all of the parts and Nick is dumping it at his mom's house so she can take it to one of Nick's cousins who is having a baby.  I am going to be so happy to have it out of my house, just so I can free up some space.

We are having a family work day outside.  We are going to get the yard tended, get our flower beds and garden beds ready for planting, and we are all collectively going through the sheds to get rid of what we no longer need.  I'm hoping we will be prone to being outside more if we have everything neat and tidy. 

So as you can see, the weekend is going to be super-duper busy.  I can't wait though as these are the days that memories are being made. 

I'll post on Monday...have a great weekend in the meantime!
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