Super Busy at Home

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A Sizable Jumble of Randomness

This morning it seems like I have a lot on my mind.  Nothing in particular, just here and there.  Here are some of the things rattling around:

*Sometimes when I hear of things on Big Bang Theory I think of ways I can slip those quotes into every day I am working on using "gravel monkeys"

* I am so thankful for our tax refund.  This year it was even bigger than expected.  We are able to pay off so many things, take a small homeschooling trip, and still have a sizeable amount of it left for our Disney trip...God is good all of the time!

* Last night Emma and I got a pizza from Domino' was a cheese pizza for only $3.99!  What value :)

* I love the Pioneer Woman and it makes me feel so warm and nice watching her on On Demand early in the morning when Nick's's like being at home.  You can read The Pioneer Woman's blog by clicking here.

* I try not to be a complainer when it comes to the weather.  As a girl living in the Midwest, I know what we are in's no shocker.  Plus I don't see what can come of complaining as nothing can be done to change the situation.  I am not sick of Winter but I am getting tired of having to go outside and start the car before we leave so it can warm up.  That's my only factor of complaining about the weather.

* My husband and I have been "exclusive" for 11 years now and married for 8 and a half years and I STILL have no idea what he sees in me...that's normal....right?

* I am on the board for a non-for profit children's sale where mom's can sell their stuff and other moms can buy things.  I am so blessed by the group of women that I work with.  God definitely had his hand in placing me in this spot because I so needed them and the work we do. 
Gymboree Sale On Now!