Super Busy at Home

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Yesterday was one of the busiest days of our school year so far. 

It started Tuesday evening when my alleged "mentor" in the Girl Scouts organization suggested we meet together for a picnic. 

No big deal. I can pack a picnic.  I know where the park is.  It's fine...

Until I woke up in a cold sweat, realizing that we were out of bread. 

Then Nick couldn't wake me up so I wasn't up to give him the bag of library books to return...

If you haven't caught on to my complaining about this, when I don't wake up with Nick I don't wake's horrible.  I have no idea why/how I turn off the alarm in my sleep. 

Anywho, so what happened was that apparently the children and I were VERY tired and we all slept in until 8:30...that's right folks, 8:30. 

I don't think I've slept in to 8:30 since before we had Emma. 

Oh, and by the way...we usually start school at 8...geesh we were running late.

So I got the kiddos up, dressed, ready, fed, and then we left for the library, the store, and then to the Girl Scouts office to visit their little store thing-y for supplies.

By the time we got home I had 20 minutes to pack our picnic before we had to leave for the park...and in case you haven't noticed in this story we had not done any schooling yet. 

So we went to the park, did all of that, and then we came home.  We did school FINALLY in the afternoon, didn't get it all done, then came down had made dinner. 

After that it was back to the library and then to the vitamin shop. 

Anyway, it was just kind of a harried day but it pales in comparison to how busy today will be...

Preschool, homeschooling, home, lunch, dentist appointment, library, home, change, gymnastics lessons, home, make dinner, walk dog, and then fall on the couch and die. 

In good news though I was supposed to have a girl scouts meeting at my house tomorrow but due to not enough people coming we are I don't have to get the house guests-I-have-never-met-in-my-life-before-clean.  Praise the Lord! 

A word about Girl Scouts: we signed up and then found out that there isn't a group for Emma to join because no leaders have come forward.  So here I am being a leader.  I am finding that my Mentor lady eats/sleeps/breathes for Girl Scouts and lets be honest, that's just not me.  I'm doing the best I can to be on board with everything and I don't know how these other troop leaders do it but I just don't have the time to skip off every weekend for some "leadership training summit" in which you have to be staying overnight...nope, not gonna do it.  

So there it is, I've been a little busy and am really looking forward to putting these days behind me.  :)