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These Tentacles are Tantalizing!

Do you like our lunch?  This is one of the most asked for lunches in our the kids anyway.  Nick and I aren't that big of a fan! 

Isn't the little guy cute? 

Here's what it is...all you do is take a hot dog and about 3/4 of the way up you cut slits.  Microwave for about 45 seconds and his legs spread apart and kind of curl up...I cut little eyes and a smile into him too before nuking him to a firey death!  hahahaha...but if your kids aren't afraid of things called condiments you could give him a ketchupy smile or a little olive hat...the possibilities are endless. 

He then sits on macaroni with some goldfish crackers scattered on top for some sea-like ambiance and voila!  Lunch is served! 

Thought I'd share this because sometimes lunch with kids gets a little least it does here. 

Today's mac and cheese!
Grilled Cheese
Peanut butter!
Chicken nuggets!

That's really about all I have in my arsenal for things the kids will eat for lunch. 

For dinner they have to eat whatever I make!  But for lunch it's a whole different game. 

Hope your little ones like the octopus-macaroni special :)