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It's Tuesday!!!!

Greetings on this cold blustery Autumn Tuesday morning! 

I am hopeful starting this day as yesterday unfurled a heaping of chaos on me that I would otherwise like to ignore, thank you very much! 

I woke up with Nicholas at the appointed 4:08 a.m. as always, only so did two little children as well. 
Emma's been so upset that Nick's been working more, the poor dear crys every morning he leaves and begs him not to go: heartbreaking for us all. 

Cal likes to wet the bed, or say he wet the bed to come sleep in our bed. 

Well after Nick left for work the babies just seemed to need some snuggling so we all piled back into my bed and slept.  It was heavenly!!!!  I thought, I'll just sleep with them for half an hour and then sneak out of here and do my devotions...

Well we all woke up at 7:50.  10 minutes before we start school.  Ugh. 

I was already beating myself up...I didn't have everything printed out that I needed for school that day so I was already running behind before my toes even touched the hardwood. 

I think I was in the bathroom when Cal asked through the door: "Are we going anywhere today?"

Speech therapy later!  I yelled back (you know, yelling due to the door).  And then I had one of those moments....

Blind panic. 

You know the ones.  Where you suddenly realize...

You have a doctor's appointment this morning! 


Needless to say we threw on clothes, downed some breakfast and shot out the door. 

It could have been a lot worse but I still felt frazzled and guilty and upset with myself at putting us in this position of hurried chaos.  The dear ones didn't deserve their week starting out like that.  And I hate the days when Emma's doing her schoolwork all throughout the day...

Here, do this worksheet.  Okay let's go.  Now I'll read to you.  Let's go.  Now you read to me. We've gotta go...

The peaceful part was that after school ended (at 2:30 in the afternoon! We usually are done by 11) the children had naptime, Nick came home, and then we took the kids to my parents'.  They took the kids to a pumpkin patch and they had a great time!  Nick and I went out to eat and then shopping for Christmas gifts and groceries.  It was really nice to steal some time away with him after the harried day we had and I'm sure the kids appreciated some time away from their insane mother!

Here are some pictures I took Sunday...

The kiddos and dog running around the yard.  Aren't they cute?  You can see our grass is dying.  :(  Our grass company has stuff on it that's supposed to make it pop up come spring...apparently it's dormant?  Anyway, I love the Kazoo's outfit :)
 And they are off!  Leaving Mommy in the dust. Lately Mommy's been the dragon or the bad guy or whatever in their playing...apparently I am not wanted!  On a side note, do you like how our mailbox is leaning?  That's what happens when you find your son HANGING on it.  I'm glad it didn't fall on him.  And yes, I need to clean out my flower beds
I leave you with this picture because it is so my's my fall mum!....and a boot.  One random boot, abandoned and lonely...wondering, with the lady of the house, why on earth it is outside in the first place... I'm cherishing these moments.  Someday the dust will settle, our house will be as quiet as a tomb and I'll wish the children were little again to leave me random boots to collect up...

Happy Tuesday All!
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