Super Busy at Home

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Check out the Outfit

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday...we had a crazy busy day.  We went to this thing in our area called "Homeschool Hangout".  I HATE meeting new people sometimes and I was super nervous for some reason.  But I met some really great moms and the kids played with a lot of wonderful, win for everyone! 

We also had a super late start yesterday.  When Nick goes to work I try to get up at 4 in the a.m. with him to get things done around the house and feel a little organized before the house is all a'whirl.  Well I was REALLY tired and decided to go back to bed for a few minutes.  I set the alarm for 5 and buried myself in the covers.  I woke up at 8 with my hand hanging over the bed and the alarm clock turned  I hate when I turn off the alarm in my sleep. 

So we didn't get up and around until still feels like we are still trying to catch up after starting so late.  Ugh.  Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days where you don't know what you are in fact so busy with but you find yourself having a panic attack before your feet even hit the floor...ever have one of those days?

Well enough about yesterday...what's in the past is just that.  I'm learning from it and moving on.  Let's just say yesterday and I had a huge fight and broke up...

Today however is good.  Great!  Woke up at 4!
Worked out!
I was dressed and had eaten breakfast before the children awoke!
We got homeschooling done!!! 
It was pretty great!  Except for one thing...
Do you see this outfit?  Just so you know, that's a long sleeved polo shirt on backwards and underneath his undershirt...fancy right?  I asked him if he was comfortable, to which he said we've left it.  I didn't have the heart to change the way he thought it should go.  And just so you know we haven't left our little home (well we rode bikes and played in the neighborhood but you know what I mean!).  If we had gone somewhere we would have changed it. 
Here's Emma...she's wearing a little glove eraser that she likes...we are learning days of the week so the ka-jigger (technical term) behind her is a dry erase board that we write the days of the week on.  I think we are almost done learning them...hooray!!! 

I was super proud too that they know the pledge of allegiance (and actually SAY the right words!!!).  We are learning fractions now and compound words, spelling, we are reading Heracles, and learning about Ancient Egypt.  Tomorrow we start learning about dogs. 

So that's all that's going on here in our little Manor.  Hope you all are doing well!