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Bleary Weather

Today is a very cold, blustery, rainy day. 

Days like this always remind me of when Nick proposed. 

Which by the way was the weirdest and most romantic day ever.  I'm sure he doesn't see it like that.  To him everything went wrong, but to me it was perfect, and unique, and so distinctly us. 

Have I ever told you the story of Nick proposing?  If I have, please, go onto someone else's blog and check them out...if not please feel free to read away as I reminisce on when he asked me to marry him. 

Well Nick and I had been dating for almost two years.  We talked about getting married but we were both in college still and I honestly had no idea when he was going to propose.  I was glumly facing the realization that it would probably be after we graduated, which at the time, was still a year and a half away. 

I know a year and a half doesn't seem to be that long of a time period, but you have to understand that between Nick and I we've always had this we just can't be away from one another.  It was always horrible when we had to be apart.  I can't explain it and if you've ever been in love you know what I mean.  But I just had to be Nick's wife.  There was just this need in my heart, this longing, this ache in my stomache. 

Anyway, my Birthday's at the beginning of November and I turned 21 to the usual fanfare that happens when you turn 21...Nick carried me home and took care of my hung-over self.  He told me he was going to take me out to dinner but then he never got around to it.  He always was coming up with some excuse as to why we couldn't go.

About 4 days before Thanksgiving he randomly said to me "we have to go out for your birthday!  Let's go tomorrow night".  Right away my curiousity was piqued as Nick is about the most laid back guy ever in the world to live.  He always leaves me to fret over details and times and dates.  It was just so out of character for him to plan something and say an exact time.  I knew SOMETHING was up. 

He took me to this restaurant which was the nicest restaurant in our little po-dunk collegy town. I mean seriously it was probably about the only place that had cloth tableclothes and it was so, so expensive.  I remember being so worried about him having to pay for our meal!  I mean, the poor guy was just a college student. 

Anyway, I waited all through dinner for him to pull out a ring...I was biting everything really carefully so as not to choke on a cleverly hid ring.  I mean, it was classic television sitcom at our table.  But alas there was no choking or hiding or asking or saying yes.  There was just us having a meal...a really fancy meal where I had to get really dressed up and he was in a suit...for apparently just my birthday which had been 19 days before. 

On the way home I was so bummed I found myself fighting back the tears.  I was angry with myself for setting myself up for this kind of dissapointment.  And that's when he looked at me and said...

Hahaha! You'll have to wait for part 2!
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