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Bleary Weather, Part 2

...Anyway, I was looking out the window, it was about 10:00 at night by this point when Nick looks at me and says "hey look, it's starting to snow".  It had been just lightly raining but now the first snowflakes of the season were starting to swirl down. 

With my bummer mood, I felt like rolling my eyes and emphatically twirling my finger in the air, accompanied by an emphatic "oh yeah", but I held it together and tried to seem as excited as a Christmas elf. 

We were driving by the entrance to this place called Minnetrista.  We went to Ball State which was founded by the Five Ball Brothers (you know Ball from Ball Canning).  Anyway, Minnetrista was this cultural center where all five of their houses either stood or still stand.  There are trails, and gardens, and some of the houses have been turned into museums.  We always liked going there to walk around or get away from campus and look at the stars...but not in the rain and snow!

Needless to say I was surprised when he pulled in to the entrance and started making his way to the entrance of the head building.  "let's go for a walk" he said. 

uh, what?  First of all, it was late.  And Dark.  And wet.  And cold.  And snowing.  And wet.  And cold. 

I remember he came around to my side of the car and he was standing there waiting for me while I just stood there in the once warm car, staring at him thinking, are you insane?  Is this some type of feats of strength test I have to pass? 

I was still in a little in shock but hustled when I realized he was losing his patience with me.  It was something like "come on, just a short walk.  Just get out of the car...GET OUT OF THE CAR!"  Okay he didn't yell, but I could tell he was on edge about it.  Looking back he was probably freaking out, wondering what he was going to do if I refused to budge.  Looking back I wonder how long I really just sat, staring at him from inside of the car. 

Anyway, we made our way around the main building (they call it the cultural center) to a gazebo we had frequented before. Isn't it pretty?  Anyway, we got JUST inside of the gazebo and Nick says "oh I forgot to give you your Birthday present". 

He opened up this box and inside was this shell necklace I had seen at an antique store.  I had fallen in love with it and he had bought it for me on the spot but that had been about 6 months before and I had completely forgotten it.  He had bought it in it's original box from the jewelry store and everything and it was such a pretty color, but I was so sad...again.  No ring.

He said, here you can put it on.  To which I was thinking "yeah out in the freezing wet cold.  GREAT!". 

He took it out of the box and on the chain I saw there was a ring on it. You know, like you are going to the beach and you don't want to lose your jewelry so you take off your ring and put it on your that. 

Well I don't know what the heck I was thinking but...

Ha!  I'm really stretching this you have to wait for part 3!
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