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Well the good thing about complaining is that sometimes on the very rare occassion, someone actually does something about it. 

Yesterday as mentioned I was frustrated with our park.  It just seems crazy to me that our park is inadequate and we have to drive to other parks when there is one just a couple of blocks away!  Well I called the director of the parks and she actually called me back this morning!

She told me it was such a "minor issue" to them that it had fallen through the cracks.  She said that she was having a staff meeting later this week and would address the problem then.  She even told me she would call me back! 

I guess I was happy she was honest with me and admitted to me that it had fallen through the cracks, but that also kind of peeved me off!  I mean, us moms in the neighborhood have taken survey's and meetings regarding changes that could happen to that playground.  We spent time thinking of it before giving her suggestions in the spring about what could be done to improve it.  All of this by the way, she had asked us to do. 

So then saying it had fallen through the cracks because it wasn't a big deal just seems silly.  It's a big deal to us!  We want to use that park every day! 

Anyway, it pays to make your voice known sometimes, see? 

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