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Ready or Not, Fall...

Here we come!

In our household we are very much ready for Autumn.  Have been for quite some time.  Our children just do not like the heat we have had this summer, and alas, are still having.  I didn't imagine we would be rolling in football season and Labor Day with highs in the 90s with 90% humidity but here we are. 

The children beg, BEG, to not have to go outside.  I try to get them to play out some every day but when the weather is like this they just stand outside and cry until I let them go back in.  What kind of mother am I?

My favorite season in the whole world is picking, pies, comfort foods, sweaters coming out for the first time, pumpkin picking, my birthday, all of the beautiful jeweled colors, Thanksgiving, leaves changing, the crispness in the's all just so magical.

Emma's favorite season is Winter but she adores autumn because its just one step closer to winter.  She's cute like that. 

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.  We will be working on the attic, but most importantly, we will be getting out all of our Fall Decorations! :)
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