Super Busy at Home

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For our homeschooling science this year, I decided that we would study 3 different things: animal science, health science, and plant science.  We are spending time studying animals first.  I think we are studying 19 animals for the next 19 weeks with obviously, 1 animal a week.
This week we have been studying River Otters.  Our zoo has otters so yesterday we went to the zoo and spent time observing them, their habits, and their habitat. 
Today we spent more time with all things otters: we studied their bodies, what they eat, and how they live.  The children seemed to really enjoy it.  The children drew a picture of an otter and then we made a craft of an otter our of toilet paper roll.  I included the links of the things I used below.  The children seemed to really have a great time with all of the projects and doing things like this is why I love homeschooling!

We also found out that they are endangered and filled in our journaling sheets about what they eat, how they live, how long they live, etc, etc.  Emma seems to really be enjoying it and anytime I can get Cal excited about it, well, that's just icing on the cake :)