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Marilou and The Joy of Cooking

Hi there.  This is Marilou.  I worked with Marilou in college at a museum where I was a docent.  Later I worked at the same museum after college and again got to work with her.  She was a wonderful lady and I loved talking with her.  She was from the city where I went to college.  It was amazing to here her stories. 

Nick had proposed to a place called Minnetrista, which was a cultural center comprised of the old Ball Brother Mansions (the Canning Company, Ball).  Well when we were there they were just museums and things of the like, but Marilou remembered attending Daughters of the American Revolution Teas at the Ball mansions...with the Ball ladies. 

She met her husband at Ball State (just like me!) and was one of the ones who made me want to elope with Nick...a lifetime together was what I wanted, not a big fancy wedding. 

A couple of days before I left with Nick on a big plane to go to a small island and marry the love of my life, Marilou gave me a wedding was "The Joy of Cooking".  As a former teacher and librarian, it was so Marilou to give me a book. 

Anyway, Marilou passed away in May.  She was a wonderful lady with a wonderful family.  She taught me how to properly make tea.  Sometimes her yogurt used to spew yogurt in my direction.   And everytime I open up my Joy of Cooking book, I think of her and smile. 

Thanks Marilou...I love you!
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