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It's Fall Ya'll!

I really wished we lived in a place where it was appropriate to use "ya'll" in everyday language.  I mean, why does that have to be a Southern thing?  I'm southern...South of Canada!  But alas Yankees think it isn't proper (said with pinky in the air, mind you!)

Had to share this photo with you...aren't they just the best?  This picture was taken when we were getting ready for church, and as you can see, we were playing "the adventures of Woody and Buzz".  I love that they play this on a regular basis.  I love that Emma plays with Woody still...and American Girl dolls, and does her hair at her little vanity...if I had sent her to school she's probably wear a "Beiber Fever" t-shirt all of the time and have her nose pierced.  Well maybe not, but you know what I mean.  I love that we've captured that child like youth and I plan on holding on to it as long as I can. 

The other thing I love about this photo is that they came up with it.  They plopped down next to Lucy (who by the looks of it had to do some serious scootching over on her bed) and then they yelled to me in the kitchen, hey mom!  come take our picture! Of course I'll take your picture! 

I love that we have these pictures because I can capture their footwear.  Emma has these amazing boots...why don't I have boots like these? And Cal is almost too big for his red chucks and that makes me sad :( 

I also love Emma's sweater dress.  Adorable!!!!  I somehow buy their clothing, wash their clothing, iron their clothing, put their clothing away, pick out their clothing, lay out their clothing, and then when they have it on I have this child like wonderment at their outfits.  "Hey!  When did you get that awesome dress?" And then Emma rolls her eyes at me and says her catch phrase of really dude, really?  And then I remember that I bought it!  Me!  With my husband's money that he makes me say is my money!  I feel so grown up!

Anyway it is Fall here and we have started decorating!  Yesterday Emma BEGGED me to let her help put things out.  The girl loves Fall just like her Mama!  Fine by me baby, fine by me. 

Last night Cal needed nighttime pull-ups so a trip to Target was in order.  I swung by Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (and think of my Aunt Jan as I find myself doing in a Starbucks drive through...hi Aunt Jan!  Hi!!!!)  and had a grand ole' time perusing the aisles.  I think that made it Fall for me. 

Hope you all are enjoying fall!  We are enjoying that we haven't had to have our air or our heat on for nearly a month!  The weather is crisp and perfect and everynight the season beckons for us to reintroduce a comfort food dinner.  Yum!
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