Super Busy at Home

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This year Emma (and Calvin I guess) is studying Ancient History.  That's right folks, my 5 year old little bitty girl of a thing is studying from the dawn of time to 400 AD. 

Cal would say that's "impressive!" 

We've been studying Ancient Mesopotamia in the Fertile Crescent and are learning so much.  We learned that their writing was done on wet clay tablets and they developed a writing style called "cuneiform" by using reeds to write with. 

Well wet clay I have not, and reeds I have not. But I did have playdoh and shish-ka-bob skewers!  So we went with that and made our own cuneiforms.  I showed Em on the chalkboard how they used symbols instead of letters and she could tell a story. 

This is her intently working when I reminded her to tell a story or make some sense of what she's doing (I didn't say it like that!)  Her response?  "I've got it.  I'm writing you a list of what you can buy me."  Well played Emma, well played. 

So that is what we are up to around here.  The mesopotamian people would also bury their dead under the place in their house where they sleep.  Ew and ew.  I think we'll skip that hands on project :)