A little of this, a little of that

Days here of doing nothing are coming to an end.  Tuesday we start homeschooling and a week from tomorrow Cal starts preschool.  I am just in awe of how big they are getting.  Size wise and maturity levels just blow me away.  I can now stop the car, Emma will unbuckle and come over to Cal's side...I'll unbuckle him, he gets out, she gets out...easy peasy Lemmon Squeezy! No car seats, no diaper bags, just boosters and army men in my days. Sad but always nice. I'm enjoying whatever stage we are in and this one is fun. 

Here are some random pictures from the everyday:

 I let Emma play a computer game once a day.  It helps her with her wicked computer skills and she likes it.  Look how big she is getting! So long and lanky! 
 And here's our baby who is not a baby any longer.  Everyone's been saying for a while what a big boy he has become but to me he still looked little. Not anymore.  Now he looks like a big boy to me too.  Sad but true.
Here we are.  Mommy and Cal. This was on our way to preschool orientation.  We had lots of fun together just he and I. 

So that's our day.  I helped Nick drywall the attic today and quite frankly I am pooped.  But it is looking great...I am just such an impatient person and cannot wait for it to be done.  I want paint colors and cute rugs, and well, organized!  But it is getting there and I cannot wait.  I've taken plenty of "before" picture and will be so excited when I can show you "before and after" photos!  Have I talked about the attic much to you?