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Little Cookie Monsters :)

God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me my little guys because they sure love to make cookies!  When Nick and I had first gotten married we were young and in love, dreaming of one day having a family.  I told him I wanted to be the kind of mom that made sugar cookies with the kids all throughout the year.  We would decorate cookies and it would be oh-so much fun.  Hence the enormous collection of cookie cutters :) 

The kids had been BEGGING to decorate cookies.  This was totally a place where I needed God to speak to my heart and he sure did.  See, this has not been an easy week.  Mama's had to get ready for vacation and has had a birthday gift to prepare and clean and pack and clean and pack and clean some more.  Plus RIGHT when we get back from the vacation I am participating in a children's resale so all of my items need washed and ironed and taped and shined and buffed and tagged.  Ugh.

So as you can see it would have been so easy for me to just say "no" because I don't have time.  But God told me to just stop and take time out of my schedule for this.  And it worked so well.  Today is Nick's family reunion.  So I decided we would take the cookies.  I know not everyone eats decorated sugar cookies.  Usually I bring two things.  But this is the season of life that I am in.  I will relish it rather than run from it. 

 Don't you just look endless possiblities with frosting?
 Cookies!!!  Nick said they looked funny because I cut in some whole wheat flower...shhh...I don't think you can tell under the frosting
 Is there anyone in this world who can resist the power of sugar sprinkles???  They are magical.
 They both were so serious.  This is Kazoo's face you get when you say "don't crack a little smile..."
 I said the same thing to Cal and this is what I got... so different those two
 This is where Lucy is when the kids are at the table.  Ever faithful.  Hey! Who dropped sprinkles? 
So there you have it, cookie decorating in the middle of the summer.  It may seem weird to some but for us it is just life, and we love it.  Love, love, love it.  I also love it because we sit around and talk about Christmas cookie decorating which none of us can wait for.  We talked about my Aunt Jan and cousin Liz coming.  Hi Jan!  Hi Liz! Emma's hoping they come and bring Auroralynn with them...she's counting on that :)  I think she has big plans or something...
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