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A Little Cabin in the Big Woods

Last week the kids and I set out to do some hiking at a local park.  I had only ever been once but seeing how the park is only 5 miles from our house, I thought we should start to take advantage of the free admission to it on weekdays (score!)

Before I get started here I just have to say that is always amazes me how much stuff there is around us to do that we never even knew about.  It's just mind boggling to me...okay moving on. 

The kids and I and Lucy, the adorable 65 pound black lab who is always hyper, bumbled along on paths and had a grand old time...
 We hunted for bugs... I love the way God gave my daughter the love of bugs and gross stuff where Cal gets queazy :)
 We peed in the woods...
 And we just discovered all kinds of stuff...this picture is one of Cal discovering a patch of light shining through the tree canopy.  He was just fascinated and while I watched him put his hand in the light and try to figure it out, it was as if time just stood still.  We all were in the woods for who knows how long, just watching him be absolutely fascinated. 
 Later we found this little stream with an adorable little footbridge to walk over.  So we did. 
Lastly we came across a cabin.  I was so intrigued by it that I looked up the park history when I got home.  Evidently it was built in the 1830's and you can rent it out and stay there.  How neat would that be?  It has a huge porch swing that the kids and I swang on for a long time.  It was a really fun time!

Nick has tomorrow off so we are going back to the park tomorrow to take him on the same hike.  Between you and me I am a little curious as to what he will say about the hike...I LOVE hiking and he, well, not so much.  Also I am curious to see which one he'll say...will it be a) "oh this isn't that bad?" or b) "how did you do this alone with the kids?"

We shall see my friends, we shall see...
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