It's Friday!

Today is Friday.  Do a little happy dance!  Being a housewife every day is a weekend day or a week day for me, take your pic.  Same amount of work to do.  When we start homeschooling I have a feeling I will be begging for the weekend sometimes.  But I am excited for this weekend because Nick is off and, well, I just love the socks off that guy. 

Today Nick's mom is taking Cal for the day.  Emma and I are having a girls day.  Full of nail polish, scrapbooking and shopping.  If the girl were really cool we would go and get sushi together but alas my own daughter thinks sushi is gross.  Ugh.

The girl doesn't know it but I think I am also going to drag her to some garage sales too because, gosh darnit, I haven't been to one in FOREVER! And I know how much you miss those posts where I drag everything onto the piano for a good old picture. 

Tonight then we are doing more shopping with going to the presale of the resale that I am in.  Presale of the resale...say that three times fast.  Whew!  I will post what I get...I am hoping it will be incredible...people will cry because of the amazing deals I find. 

Okay, don't cry.  Here are some vacation photos for you to enjoy... I am thinking I will post them little by little because, one I hate posts with 8000 photos, and two, it makes me think I am still on vacation if I am looking at the photos!  
 Aren't they just adorable?  This was after we ate at this little cafe I had eaten at the first time I was here.  It was so fun to drive around and find it, and we were certainly glad that we did!  They had the best sweet tea and friend green tomatoes.  Can't beat that, right? 
 Then after lunch we headed down to the ocean.  As you can see we were not prepared with our suits as we had JUST gotten there.  But the kids wanted to see everything.  So we took them on a mini little tour.  Kids, Ocean.  Ocean, Kids.
 This is pretty much how we felt the entire time we were there... :)
And I tried to take a picture that said "Atlantic 2011" to mark this historic date upon when they saw the ocean.  But as you can see they are both less than enthused, the sun was glaring into their poor little baby eyes and you can't even see what I wrote.  Epic fail.