The Attic

Well I am sitting here in the attic so I thought I would post on it.  We've had the attic since we moved in...shocker I know.  Here are some things you should know about the attic (and I'm going with bullet point style because I am too lazy to put this into coherent paragraphs!):
  • The attic comes up from the closet in the guest room.  You open the closet door and there's the stair case. 
  • I don't even know if you would call it an attic.  It's not attic material like in "Christmas Vacation" or anything
  • Up until now the attic has consisted of two half has gabled 12' celings and hardwood floors. The other part, well, I guess you could think of that as atticy.  Because it had attic written all over it.
  • When we toured our house before buying it there were foreign soccer players renting the attic out as an apartment.  Yep, it's true.
  • There are two dormer windows that are opposite from one another.  One of them is kind of hid away behind the banister of the stairs (does that make ANY bit of sense?).  That area is going to be a reading corner full of comfy pillows and blankets.  Kind of excited about that.
  • If you've ever visited our attic you may think we are crazy because it was too hot or assured that there is heat and ac in the attic...we just had it closed off because we never used it.
Anwyay, here is what you should know about what the attic is going to be like:
  • Nick has reworked some walls so that the "atticy" part of the attic has been cut down in size.  Basically he bumped out the livable part so we have more room.
  • I am going to have a real live wall of wrapping paper and ribbon storage...super excited about that.
  • In my mind I have things mapped out into sections...there is the homeschooling area, then a craft/ebay area. 
  • Nick is running new electricty up to the attic.  The circuits/boxes (I have NO idea what I am talking about!!!) are full so he is running an entire new electrical system up here...a new circuit box and everything.  He's doing that because he is putting another air conditioner and heat unit in for just the attic.  It does get cool and warm but he wants to make sure we are really comfortable and since it is soooo far up it is hard for the air to travel that far.
As a side note I just have to tell you that even though it is behind schedule and even though I haven't seen the finished product I am just so very proud of Nicholas.  He has done everything with this project.  He has worked on it every day he's had off.  If he didn't know how to do something, he researched it and talked to people who knew about it, and figured it out.  I love him for that.  I love him also because he's really taken the time to make sure I am getting what I want.  He's putting an outlet on the floor below my craft table so I don't have to go all the way to the wall to plug in my hot glue gun.  He's sinking it into the floor and then covering it with a fake piece of's just the little things that mean a lot to me.  When I say, "I wonder if we could..." he takes the time to listen to me, doesnt' dismiss me and tries to get it to work.  He installed can lights over where the sewing machine will go so if I need a ton of light I can turn those on...there are other lights too but he is putting those in for my weak bad eyes...and the switch will be right there so I don't even have to get up! He's just really gone the extra mile and we all really appreciate it. 

Anyway, that is the story with the attic.  Again, can't wait to show you the finished room!