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And a Quick Vent...

I've been told recently that our marriage seems perfect. 

Oh boy I am so sorry if I have been portraying everything in that manner.

The truth is...

sometimes I just want to kill this husband of mine. 

I love him so much.  Please don't get me wrong.  In fact there are two things you should know:

1) I love him so much
2) I am so, so not perfect

My resons for fighting with Nick usually stem from two things:

1) Nick forgets things
2) Our differing parenting styles

Tonight I am going out with some girlfriends.  So, So excited.  I've had this set up for a couple of weeks.  I reminded him last night.  We were good to go. 

This afternoon I get a call from Nick saying that he has a meeting tonight.  The poor guy, I just wanted to kill him.  After a few minutes to compose myself and a few phone calls to girlfriends later and I had the situation solved.  So I called Nick and appologized for screaming at him. 

I don't share a lot of spats with you because, quite frankly, its not the purpose of my blog.  And my job as a wife is to be as uplifting as possible.   I am to submit to my husband and honor him.  Me bashing him all of the time doesn't really fulfill that purpose, now does it?

So there you go, we are definitely not perfect.  We fight all of the time.  Do you hear me???  All of the time!

But that's the way its been since the beginning. We fight, we make up, and we're done.  We are both passionate, we fight hard and make up even harder :)  We do try to shelter our kids from BIG fights, but our children know that Mommy and Daddy fight, we make up, and it will never change anything...we always love one another and our family.  Bottom line. 

So that's where we are, I assure you that we are so far from perfect.  This afternoon was just one of many examples.  I'm sure there will be lots more.