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Power Outage

Do you like what our family does at Target?  Today we were having a pretty hum-drum morning.  Nick had the day off so he was cleaning the gutters and all of the sudden the sky darkened, the wind was blowing at about 80 mph and the power went out.  Blank.  Thankfully Nick had basically threw the ladder down and came inside because it looked scary...praise the Lord he did. 
Well we passed a couple of hours iin the hosue with no elecrtricity and no air conditioning before deciding to hit it and head to Target.   Holy Moly we got some good deals.  If you like coupons and haven't discovered Target coupons you need to look them up.  Like now.  You can use them with manufacturer coupons.  I end up getting so many things for free by combining coupons it is just unbelievable.  
So we kicked around there and three slurpie refills for the kids later we were ready to go home.  Thankfully we had power and life was good again. 
So that was our Monday, how was yours?
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