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Our Gorgeous Girl

Well as you can see, our little girl, Emma Kazoo just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  It's a curse really.  I thought I would make this post all about her as she is just getting so big!  Here's a little secret...Emma and I have a special club.  Now, I am sworn to secrecy as to the name of this club or where meetings take place. But we study Proverbs 31 and try to carry out some of the traits God instructs us to have. 
Emma's favorite trait is Eagerness.  Ever since we've started it, whenever I need a little helper-bee, she is there.  And she talks about it...a lot.  "I just love my new life mom, I feel so much better".  She's talking about having Jesus in her heart. Our precious little one asked Jesus to forgive her sins and have Jesus come and live in her heart.  It makes me full of emotion to see her so on fire for God.   She is just so tender and sweet.
Last night we were at Nick's parent's house getting ready for the garage sale.  She had been coloring on paper with a marker, found a shoebox and had started coloring away on that.  No big deal but I had asked her, "did you ask Grandma if you could color on that?" and she immediately started crying.  No, sobbing!  The poor dear felt so bad for having Messed it up (as she told me later).  I felt so bad for her. :(
She just wants to make everyone happy, and that's a pretty tall order sometime. 
Here are some other tid-bits about Kazoo:
The girl would eat cereal all day long if I let her.
She'd also play video games/computer games/watch television all day if we let her.  She's our little techie girl. 
She loves worksheets, and math problems, and writing.  She begs me to put together math problems for her to do. 
The girl is a whopping 36 pounds.  She weighs only 3 pounds more than her brother. 
She is tall and very thin...we are in a world of hurt come college time. 
She is also hilarious.  HILARIOUS. Have you ever seen Dispicable Me?  Well the kids have and they also have listened to the soundtrack about a kajillion times.  Just a note, the music in that movie is a lot of heavy beats/rap music...moving on.  I was out garage saling one morning and Nick said she came downstairs and breaks into this rap, saying "Cause Gru got the speakers and the trunk to make you bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce bounce".  Needless to say my husband had no idea what was going on and was just kind of like what???? Um, she dances to it too.
She's the neighborhood busy body.  She likes to open up her window and yell at people.  Not being mean, just saying hi, seeing how everyone's doing.  She knows when people are coming and going.
She loves Mac and Cheese and Shrimp Stir fry. 
So that's a little bit about our girl.  Hope you have a great Thursday. No garage sales for me as I am HAVING ONE!!! I am praying that we have a good turnout and get rid of lots of stuff!