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Math Scavenger Hunt

Well if you are like me you were ready for the weekend!  Not quite sure why I was ready for the weekend as I don't work and this weekend Nick has to work.  I guess it still feels exciting when its the weekend! 
Emma's in the picture above doing math.  She is getting so big!  Cannot believe it!  Anyway, to practice our math we made a math scavenger hunt.  She took her little plate of manipulatives (frozen marshmallows) to each math problem she found to figure them out. 

She got 100%.  She is just doing so great.  I've been searching the internet high and low for new ideas.  I guess I just have to keep things interesting for her.  She like the scavenger hunt and was super careful to keep those marshmallows on the plate so she could gobble them up when she was girl! 

Hope you all are planning on a great weekend!  As I mentioned Nick has to work this weekend (blah!) He has a weird schedule in case you hadn't noticed!  :)  I'm debating whether or not to take the kids hiking this weekend.  It would be by myself so not too sure about that.  Maybe during the week next week I will. 

I hope ya'll are staying cool.  It has been super, super hot here.  Hot where they have weather advisorys telling you not to go out, hot.  Ugh.  Needless to say we all feel spent simply because of the heat and we are all pulling out our hair because its so hot.  It's only supposed to be 95 today so hopefully that will offer some relief.  I really cannot believe I just sait "It's only supposed to be 95 today..." Sheesh!

Well Happy Weekending!  Do lots of relaxing and summer things like eating corn and watermelon! :)