Look What the Postman Brought!

I am so happy that this little bundle of joy has arrived!  This is the purse/tote Nick got me for Mother's Day.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's so me!  I just love the color combination!  Anyway, I guess I shouldn't say this is my Mother's Day gift as this is now the third one of these I've been through.  Hopefully this one will last forever like a Coach bag is supposed to.  That is why the man bought it for me anyway.  The first one the little threads of the c's started pulling out...after a day!  The second one the leather on the bottom started pulling apart, so hopefully third time's a charm and I don't have any problems with this puppy! 

The ladies at the Coach store were super nice.  This last time though was fairly upsetting.  I called the store and was told that they no longer have that.  Maybe I'd be able to find it at an outlet store by calling random stores and then visiting.  I was upset.  I mean, this is 2011!  Isn't there some way to find it at another store without me hunting down outlet stores? 

So Nick took their advice and called the store in Myrtle Beach.  We're vacationing there soon.  Maybe they could hold it for us???  Mail it to us???  Something?  The manager ALL THE WAY down there heard our cry for help.  She started calling stores around the country and found one in New Jersey that would send it out.  We've been told this is just about the last one in the country for sale. 

Needless to say I was so thankful for that manager in Myrtle Beach.  I am planning on visiting her in person to thank her for her customer service. 

So that's the highlight of my week.  All is right with the world now that my purse has been replaced.  Now if only I could find my camera battery...

But I'll save that story for another time!  :)