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It's Been a Bust

I realized that I haven't written about my Garage Sale finds and, well, that's because I haven't had any.
Bummer Dude as my youngest sister would say. 
We went out and haven't come up with anything. 
Last weekend was the holiday weekend so I think most people weren't too into the garage sale scene.
This weekend there were a gajillion sales and I just couldn't find anything. 
I was frustrated with myself this morning because I thought maybe I was just being too picky.
But as I mulled it over during the rest of the day I came to the conclusion that there was just nothing out there for me.  Everything I saw wasn't nice.  Things were broken or incomplete.  Not for us, thank you.
So there you have it on my update as to the sale situation.
Tomorrow there is neighborhood sale with over 100 homes.  I may go but Nick has to go into work so if I do go it will be me taking the kids.  We shall see!  Have a great evening!