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Glasses Magoo?

At Emma's 5-year check up the doctor reported that Emma may need glasses.  Ugh.  So Emma has a very exciting appointment with the eye doctor next week to find out if she needs glasses. 

I am trying to act like glasses are the coolest things in the world, but between you and me, gee I hope that girl doesn't need them. 

Do you like my rendition of Emma with glasses?  I know you are super jealous of my mad drawing skills in the Paint program.  Try not to hate me because I'm so good.  I also seem like a stellar mother, drawing goofy glasses on my child, right?  I should earn awards for these skills, I tell ya. 

So please pray for Emma to not need glasses.  It will save us money and headaches, and jeez oh pete I just don't want to deal with cleaning a 5-year olds glasses!