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Garage Sale Finds

As I mentioned earlier I had the chance to go garage saling this weekend.  I was so happy that I did!  Here are some of the things that I got...

 This wonderful fireplace screen for $5.00!  I thought it was a steal.  I realize some of you have never seen this chairs before either. I don't think I had them at Christmas time.  Anywho, they are from Nick's Auntie up in Chicago.  I love them!  Our fireplace looked pretty ghetto-fabulous when we moved in so I think they jazz the place up a bit. 
 I got these three shirts for Cal at a garage sale.  I think total I paid $1.75 for them.  One even has the tags still on it!  SCORE!!!  Two of them are from the Gap and the other from Old Navy. 
 These are practically new GAP girls jeans.  They had a bajillion pairs of them; Nick wanted me to buy them out of jeans to ebay them, but I hate doing that.  I'm glad I stuck with my gut because these sell but not super well.  We got each pair for $1.00
 These are some other shirts to ebay.  Two are gymboree and one is gap.  I paid $1.50 total. 
This is a sweater I bought myself for $1.50.  I actually bought two more of these...the exact same sweater in aqua and black.  I am no fashionista but I think this is called a shawl neck sweater.  And I think I look super duper cute in them so I bought them.  This was actually my first purchase for myself at a garage sale.  I got some other things at the sales but have no idea where they are right now...weird, huh?
I got:
A brown eddie bauer vest for myself for $1.00
two recorders for homeschool music for $1.00 total
A few homeschool books for $.25 each
a super cute gap sweater with a hood for emma for $1.00 (I might have to hunt this down to show cute!)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I am always so thrilled when I find good things! How about you?  What did you find?