Fair Time

Wednesday we made it to the fair.  We went in the middle of the day and it was very caliente, hot!  Next year we are totally going at night.  I think it's fun at night with the lights and all of the action, but it was definitely less crowded during the day which was a nice advantage.  This was also the first year that the kids could actually ride some rides together.  Last year Cal was too little and Emma was barely able to ride a couple of rides so while she rode those two rides she was tall enough we tried to console a grumpy two year old who didn't understand the concept of not being tall enough. Plus, last year Cal wasn't potty trained so we had the diaper bag, and the sippy cups, and the stroller, and on and on.  Boy what a difference a year makes!  It was nice to just go to the fair.  Just to get out of the car and go.  No gear, no bags, nothing. 

 The first thing the kids wanted to ride were these motorcycles.  Notice how happy Emma is.  She loves it. and then you have...
 Mr. Serious.  He was intent the entire time.  I really think he legitimately thought he was driving this motorcycle. It was his job and he wasn't about to take it lightly.  So cute. 
 Here's Cal with his 4-H project.  See how nicely he stayed in the lines?  NOT!  He's so cute!  This was his first year so he was excited to find his project.  Not as excited as he was to try to tear down everyone's model building projects, but still excited.  Don't worry...no models were harmed! 
 Here's Emma...she did a sewing project.  Hard to see, sorry!  It was a butterfly and when we turned it in the fair people thought there was no way she did it on her own.  I'm not the doing my 5-year old's fair project, type of Mom, you know. 
 My little hear swelled a little when the kids passed up another ride in favor of the carousel.  So many kids think they are boring but our kids LOVE them.  They watched the mechanics the entire time!  Emma picked a horse away from Cal and I was so worried she was going to fall off and die in some fiery crash.  I kept asking "Are you okay?" And by the end she sounded like a teenager answering "ugh, YES, maummm.  Leave me aloooone!"  Okay, okay.

Here are Cal and I...he's such a happy little guy!  I love his hat!  We scored it at the GAP.  If you like the GAP you should go.  They had things on sale and then an additional 40% off.  His hat was some crazy cheap price like 2.00.  Holy Moly. 
 I love these three people so much it makes my brain hurt thinking about it. 
Here is my favorite moment of the fair.  Nick took them on this ride.  I have never been on it.  My mom would never, ever let me go and as a result I am now terrified of it. But Nick wanted the kids to experience it as it was always the thing he looked forward to do (isn't that just the cutest thing?) So he took both kids up.  I was really expecting that Emma would get out there and chicken out.  But she didn't...she loved it.  She screamed the entire time coming down!  I guess as a result of me not going I got this cute picture so it was worth it.  :)

 A fair's not a fair without some weird side show race thing, right?  Here we have the "weiner dog" races...don't you just love their costumes? 
And here are the pig races.  Seriously my husband was more excited than anyone to see them and I have no idea why.  They were pretty cute though.  We had fun and then went home. 
The End.