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Cherish Those Little Ones :)

I saw this on a website frequent, Baby Good Buys and thought I would share.  It really irritates me when I see mom's just buying crap for their babies.  Grrr.  When I go into the Target baby section to get Cal's Pull-Ups, I'm irritated just by the fact that all of that junk is there in the first place.  Wipe warmer? Nope, don't need it.  8 different bouncers?  Nope, not needed.  On and on.  So if you are preggo's and getting ready to register, please think twice about everything.  I know you need stuff (good lord the amount of junk that my kids have is mind-boggling!).  But you don't have to have ALL of the stuff that the baby stores try to convince you that you need.  And to those moms who already have a baby, please don't start the suburb-competition game.  You know what I mean.  The game of "so and so" has a better stroller, so now I'm going to get a better one. With every little thing.  I've been down this road with some friends and trust me, it's just not a good road to start down.  It will consume your life and as the quote above talks about, take away from time you could be cherishing your little one.  And that is the most important thing, right?

Happy Sunday!
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