Blueberry Picking

Last week we went blueberry picking.  It was hot.  But then again it is the middle of July in the midwest, so I guess that is to be expected.  We are so blessed to live about 15 minutes away from an organic blueberry farm. 

Our kids LOVE blueberrys.  That may even be an understatement.  We save so much money picking the berries ourselves.  To give you an example of how much we save, Meijer had blueberries on sale for $1.50 a pint this week.  At the blueberry farm we got organic blueberrys for 1.75 for a pound!  I get dizzy with the money saving excitement!!! 

We picked 30 pounds of blueberries.  Holy Cow that is a lot of fruit!  We froze almost all of them.  I am hoping to have enough left over to use throughout the year.  And I'd love to have enough to make fresh blueberry muffins for Christmas morning...yummy!

 Here's the gang on the tractor taking us out to the farm.  This farm is so organized it is just unreal.  They have acres and acres of plants.  They drop you off at a row where a worker takes you and puts you at a bush.  The bush hasn't been touched so you have an entire bush of berries to pick rather than try to aimlessly look for a bush with fruit still on it.  Yeah!
 Don't they look delish?
 This is what Cal did the entire time!  The worker gave him his own bush and when I was done with mine I picked from his.  That little stinker had half of his bush's berry's gone and NOTHING was in his bucket.  Nothing!  That's a lot of blueberrys to eat!
Emma was hiding!  She picked berries the entire time!  She is so diligent in her work!  She was keeping a berry track of what she would eat which was so cute. She'd yell out "I've eaten 5 now!  I'm up to 5!"  She cracks us up. 
Can you tell we were kind of hot?  Ugh, it was miserable.  The good news is that I got a rockin' awesome farmer's tan!  The blueberrys are behind the kiddos.  So when we got home yours truly got to package them all for freezing.  14 bags later and I was done!  Whew!  It is so worth it since we love blueberries!!!!