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2 Teaching Mommies

I wanted to tell  you about this website because I was so, so excited to find it!  It's 2 Teaching Mommies!  You should totally check it out!  There are all kinds of amazing ideas for field trips, family fun nights (can't wait to have a baseball themed night at home!), devotions for little ones, and printable lessons.  Such a great, great resource. 

I know that not all of my readers are homeschoolers like I am soon to be.  But so many of these sites can be used for so many things.  Sunday School classes, playdates, time with the grandkids.  They aren't "teachy-teachy" things but more fun things to do with kids.  Such a wonderful thing! 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this site as much as I am!  I just printed off the devotional about shining like the sun with God's love and we will be starting that tomorrow morning!