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FINALLY...My Saturday Finds

Good Lord, where has this week gone? I honestly cannot remember it. Wowwie. Well first of all let me give you a little recap of Saturday. Nick had to go into work so it was me with the kiddos alone to go garage saling. I was a little worried!
But it was fine. It was also nice that it wasn't somewhere that we had to go. If they acted out (meaning, Cal's pulling Emma's hair and Emma's punching Cal in the face on the ground...and yes, this HAS happened) we could just go wasn't somewhere we had to be. This was all optional, folks. The kids figured out soon enough that some garage sales do not have things they want to play with and beg and beg and beg for. So they asked to stay in the car.
I brought some toys and their breakfast in the car so they watched mom garage sale from the comfort of their plush car seats with cup holders. Ah the life, right?
So anywho, here's our ain't much folks :)

Emma insisted on posing...this pic took years, gents, years...for some reason Vanna kept sticking her bum out inappropriately. What kind of blog does she think I'm running around here? Yeesh!
My peecture is a not a so goood, but it will work. In total I paid 8.25 for Monkeys in a Barrell (old school game), Bob the Builder slippers (never worn...kind of weird about worn shoes), 2 Gymboree dresses/outfits, magnetic "paper" dolls from Melissa and Doug, metal noise makers (I remember these from my Grandma's house when I was a little girl), a train station for Cal's train table, a yo-yo, a creepy clown Pez dispenser (that was in a free box!), flash cards, two paint with water books (those suckers are HARD to find in the store!), a couple of stuffed monkeys, and a small Superman and Cinderella. Not bad, right? Nothing that was "shockingly good" in the deal department but oh well.
It was also 50% off day at the Goodwill so we went one. Here's what we got for $5.00...

That's a RL Polo (ebay), a Fisher Price stove (Ebay), A wire basket (any ideas for this folks? I saw something like this in The Farm Chick's Christmas Book with some red thing in it at Christmas...maybe I'll do that???), a few books (PTL the Children are bookies), and Toy Story bath toys...which aren't squirty so I could sanatize the crap out of them! muhahahahah!
Here in Hicksville, Today is garage saling day again today and I have no idea if I am going out again or not. We'll see how the kiddos wake up. And Saturday Nick doesn't work...did you hear me? Is this thing on? SATURDAY the man doesn't work. He's already said I could go on my own. I feel so grown up. I secretly am pretty sure he just doesn't want to get out of bed to go with me, which I understand :)
BTW, a Funny story...When we go by houses this is what Cal says (please repeat this for every house you have in your mind we drive by...) "That garage sales closed". At first I thought yep, no garage sale there. But then I realized that he calls Garage DOORS, Garage SALES. So their garage DOORS are closed. Silly kid. He makes me laugh. People probably think he's a real bargain hunter searching for those garage SALES. :)
Happy Thursday!
Gymboree Sale On Now!