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Things I've Learned Tonight

1. Target (a Target that doesn't have food) is a particularly lame place to buy eggs. Why did I think to go there to buy eggs?

2. Oh yeah to look around at everything else

3. Target is a lame place to hang out pre-prom.

4. Not cool

5. Prom attire is ug-o as of late. Yikes.

6. Or maybe people who shop at Target while in their prom dress with their prom dates need some fashion help.

7. Cinnamon rolls are horrid to make the night before. I want to eat them all. NOW.

8. It's 11:21 pm

9. Listening to Pink blaring on the radio when I am alone makes me feel not so alone in the whole "feeling lame" ordeal

10. Starbucks should make nothing that doesn't have mint in it.

11. Please excuse the double negative. I don't talk no good.

12. Good night.
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