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The everyday

In Chicago we went to a restaurant with an airplane theme-in the lobby they had airplane seats that the kids, especially Emma adored!!! When we were leaving Emma stopped a hostess and was asking her all kinds of questions about the seats :) Love these little guys

So sorry I haven't been on here lately. The children keep getting sick and then better and then sick again. My poor babies. It cannot feel good to not be able to take any medicine when you are sick. Cal was sick with the stomach flu for an entire week and I think I can say with ease that I have never done so much laundry as I did last week...whew! Thank God for a dependable washer and dryer...since we are on the cusp of being in a big boy bed I haven't bought any new crib sheets and the ones we have had have either gotten thrown away from being shot or are on their last I did a lot of linens laundry as I don't have as many crib sheets as I used to.

Emma has been on again, off again sick. My poor dear. One day she's complaining of a headache with a fever and the next day she's sick to her stomach. She's gone a couple of days feeling okay and last night I came home to Nick telling me that she has a cold. The poor little angel.

We have been having a lot of fun though. Cal is just talking up a storm. Wowwie it is just amazing. He loves singing Jack Johnson songs in the back seat which is just too, too cute and melts me every time.

Some cute things he's been saying/doing:

* He's been setting up his disney characters. He will open up the bin, dump them all out and then flip the bin over so he has a flat platform to put them on. He is so good about setting them up carefully without knocking the rest of them over.

*My mom got them troll dolls...I've always been a little weirded out by these things but in Toy Story 3 they were in a train as "orphans" so ours are called orphans...Cal carry's his everywhere and when it is time for a meal he gets them a fake plate of food from their play kitchen and sets them down to eat on the precious!

*Cal likes to jump up and down and then scream "I'm a rockstar!"

* We unfortunately are parent's who bribe. What can I say, it usually works. We've been working on potty training which has been a huge fail. We're starting to get it...I think...I hope! We've talked to him that we are going to Disney World next year but we are not taking kids who aren't potty trained. So everytime he successfully goes potty he stands up and screams "I'm going to Disney World!!!!"'d think we won the Super Bowl or friend Denise laughed at that comment and said, "get it? Super Bowl? BOWL????" She's just too cute for words, that one.

*We are loving firefighters...we pretend to be a firefighter all of the time. Last month the kids went to the firehouse and Cal took his little firefighter guy. One Firefighter really took a liking to Cal...he took him into the truck and got down to play with Cal's little guy with him. It was really special and you could just tell in Cal's eyes that he thought that was the neatest thing ever. It was so special and I was so grateful to Firefighter Aaron :)
*We are going to Speech Therapy one day a week. He attends the school in the park near our home. He loves it. I think he just likes going to school like Emma. One day we were on our way home from somewhere and he thought we were supposed to be going to his school and we passed it. He started screaming in the back seat "go back! go back! My school!" Even when I got him home and in the house he was still screaming "go back in car and go to school!" Poor guy just could not figure out why we weren't going to his school. His teacher's name is Mrs. Lara and she always greets him with a "hello handsome" and then he takes her hand...he's definitely a ladies man!

Here's what's been going on with Emma:

*Emma has a boyfriend named Eli. They are so stinking cute together! I love his mom too and am having so much fun getting to know her. God gave us each a friend, I guess. Sometimes at night when she is getting ready for bed she seems kind of mopy. Nick asked her the other night what was wrong and she said "oh nothing, just wondering what Eli's doing right now." How cute is that? She's even called him on the phone which was adorable...she looked like a tiny little teenager which just about broke my heart. Even Nick got tears in his eyes when I was telling him about it all. "I thought we had more time" he said.

*Emma's in ballet now and is so good and is having so much fun! Her teacher thinks she is a joy to have in class!

*We are having a kitty cat party for her 5th birthday so her and I have been shopping and coming up with ideas for the party. This is the first party that she is inviting friends to and she is super excited!

*Emma is reading!!! She's starting to and is at about a 1st grade level from what I can gather

*Emma tested into the Academy that we applied for. We are super proud of her. We are still praying though about what we should do and which direction we should go. We kind of feel like God wants us to homeschool so we are just waiting to see what we are going to do. No matter what though I am sure she will have a great time!

*Emma has such a big vocabulary! Sometimes its kind of funny when she talks because she will use really big words completely out of context! It makes me laugh every time and sometimes its a challenge to figure out what she means!

*We bought Emma a bedside table and you would think that we have given her the world! She has a picture of her cousin Praetorian on it, her bedside lamp, tissues, and chapstick. She just keeps talking about how neat it is to have a table next to her bed..."how convenient" she says :)
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