Children's Museum

Emma's "planting" a sunflower...the poor girl was only 1/2 the size of the plant!
This is how pictures look when I want them to smile "at me"...they kind of look up smile at something and then go playing...they don't have time for pictures when they are too busy playing!

Calvin had lots of fun "planting" these into the ground :)

Here's the Kazoo and I!

Emma did a lot of sliding on her belly down from the treehouse...

While Cal did a lot of puzzles...

So silly...and so willing to pose!

Nice pose here! "Eye" see you!

Last week there was a free day at the Children's Museum near us and so we went! I have to say that I am just so thankful that I have a husband who allows me to stay home so I can make memories like these with our children. We just had a blast! The kids were so well behaved, it just made me so proud! My proudest moment though was when Cal was getting ready to go down the slide, backed out of the line, came to me and said "I have to go potty!" I think we are close to being fully potty trained folks!!! So excited about that! But seriously I love these little ones and we are having so much fun together these days :)

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