Super Busy at Home

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Here are Emma and Cal with their bowling balls...they were so proud. Didn't realize till we got there that I had him in a "that's how I roll" shirt...teehee :)
This past week we also took the kids was a seemingly busy week! Whew! The kids had a lot of fun. We did too! Poor Nick basically had to throw Cal and his ball down the lane each time. It was a great time too as Nick and I had our first ever date going bowling! We went with two friends and I always tease him that he flirted more with my friend than with me! He swears it isn't true but it really was!!! Oh well...we all know how that story ends!

Here's my hottie of a bowler! Nick's a really good bowler so he really enjoyed this!

Here are Emma and Cal waiting their turns...Cal had a REALLY hard time waiting...he was great though! I love their little bowling shoes, too cute!

Here is Emma bowling...she did great and they put up bumpers for the kids which was fun
*Sorry if the format of this blog is all janked idea what this thing is doing :/
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