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Nick Update...Resuming These I guess :/

I am tired of this man of mine being sick. Ugh.

Night Sweats.
Back Pain.
Foot weirdness.

I touched on this just briefly in a blog I wrote yesterday, but in case you have been AWOL. They think Nick's infection is back. And if you have been AWOL for a REALLY long time, Nick was hospitalized for three days in December with a staph infection. No idea how he got it.

He said his foot has felt funny but not hurty or itchy like it did and then yesterday he said that it was starting to feel like it had before (whatever that's like the guy speaks limeric or something). So he called the doctor...they started him on the strongest antibiotic (again, ugh) and he goes into the doctor Thursday.

I am trying to be cool about this but you know me, I'm a worrier :/ I am reasoning that if it were really serious they'd get him in before Thursday, right? I just keep thinking the worst possible scenarios...diabetes, or cancer, or.... ????

And yes by the way, I fully understand that I am insane. Nick makes sure that I am fully aware of this fact and how I carry things too far and let myself get too wrapped up in things. I'm working on it! But for now please just pray for him. Poor guy :(
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