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Making Valentine's

It's official. The kids and I are starting to go crazy. Being in the house all of the time is wearing on all of us. We've tried going out to play in the snow...goodness have we. Cal HATES the snow. He'll stay outside for maybe all of 2 minutes and then he's sobbing and begging to go inside. It's probably scary to have snow up to your ears :)

Yesterday I pulled out all the stops. I'm realizing that for us to have some more fun outside of the normal stuff we are going to have to make a mess. Yesterday we made the craft kind of mess. It was a lot of fun.

The kids have their own "art cart" with oodles of stuff to do, but we always do a craft every day and I could tell that they were b.o.r.e.d. So I went up to the third floor and brough down all of my scrapbooking stuff. That seemed to do the trick...we got to work making Valentine's.

Emma's a glittler lover-all the way. Too cute! :)
Cal is so thoughtful. He asked for a green heart for Daddy since that's his favorite color

Here are our busy bees...they worked on these things forever...such a blast!
It's nice that they are at the age now where we can all work on something together. Before it's been I'm trying to help Emma with a craft and help Cal with playing something and we've never really been able to have fun together! Now they can both do the same thing and they seem to really enjoy it! :)
Next weekend Nick and I are going out of town to....
I know I am such a dork. It's not a cruise. It's not some slutty beach trip. Nope, we're going to our boring favorite place on earth. Nick surprised me with the trip actually. I knew something was up when he was on the phone and slammed the door in my face to keep me away. hmmm, that's not usual. Awhile later he told me the news...he'd been on the phone with our travel agent putting something together. The little weasel.
It will be nice to get away and just be the two of us. I love that man so much. Eeeeek!
I made him a Valentine yesterday too :)

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