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He Needs an...Operation!

This is Buzz...he's tiny. MAYBE two inches tall. Cal has approximately 6 Buzz Lightyear's and yet this is the one he insists on carrying everywhere. Well last week his leg broke. Have you ever had to hunt down a small plastic leg that's about half an inch tall. Not fun, folks. Surgery was inevitable for young Buzz Lightyear:

Here's Buzz Lightyear all fixed. As you can see I make a lousy surgeon and his legs all turned in and wonky. It is also now somehow longer than the other one. I gave him to Cal and said "well here you go. I don't think he'll ever walk again." To which Cal started crying. Remember buddy? How he could NEVER walk before? Geesh :)
Alright this picture is wonky...but here we are with the tape...Buzz's only hope

Ugh...what a sad picture. Do you like the doctor stuff? See how we're using all of this stuff Aunt Jan? Heehee. And isn't Buzz gross? He's all dirty from someone carrying him around all of the time. And the paint is coming off his head.
He's definitely well loved. We'll see how long his leg can hold on this time....