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Grocery Shopping

Well last night was our grocery shopping night. Yeah, said not so enthusiastically.

Every Monday my parents come over and watch the kids. The children love it. They also have piano lessons so really we're killing two birds with one stone.

While my parents are here Nick and I duck out to go Grocery Shopping.

My confession here is that I used to hate having Nick go grocery shopping with me. He was always throwing things into the cart. But we set ground rules so now we are okay:
*I leave a little bit of money in the budget to allow for the said throwing in of items
*he knocks it off...for the most part.

So anyway, now it kind of feels like a date, which I know is dumb because it is so utilitarian, but's my grocery shopping and I can view it as a date if I want to!

Anyway, while perusing the produce section I was going over our menu for the week and he just stopped me and kissed me. Romantic fall off your chair kind of kiss.

"I'm just glad you're a wife that wants to make me dinner. I don't care what it is."

See? This is why Grocery shopping feels like a date!!!!

In other news Nick came home with a tractor tire.

It weighs 300 pounds. And when rolling through our yard is taller than me.

Oh boy and yippee all at the same time!
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