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Freaking Out

Quick update on Nick...

Yesterday was his appointment with the doctor. The cute little goofball scheduled the appointment during Emma's ballet lesson so I couldn't be there. Geesh.

He went in for his foot to see why it's been hurty again.

And then they kind of shocked us. Nick's been having these other problems on top of the foot so they did some blood work and x-rays. We are waiting to hear back on if he has Lymphoma. Oh. Great.

I am trusting God the best that I can that he doesn't have it. I keep looking at him thinking "he'd be kind of gray-ish if he were sick, right?" He would be weak and sick. Nick is always so's one of his great traits that drives me insane!

So we are waiting. Waiting and waiting. I praise God that they had all of the stuff in the office to take his blood and do the x-rays...he could have been referred to somewhere else and then that could have taken days and days. Hopefully we will hear the results today.

Yesterday to get our (read my) mind off things I took Nick up on his offer to go buy a new coffee maker. A little history on the coffee maker. We have a Cuisinart Mill and Brew. I hate it. We've had it for 2 years maybe? The thing keeps turning off when it's making coffee.

Yesterday it turned off 4 times.

So we went coffeemaker shopping. We found one at Bed Bath and Beyond that was $200.00. Nick was set on that was nice. But here's my problem...I don't work and I'm the only one who drinks coffee...I have a really hard time justifying something like that for just me in my head when it is $200.00. So we kept looking. We went to this place called the Christmas Tree Shop.

They had one I really liked...Cuisinart which stinks, but and stainless steel...ooh, la, la. The only problem was they only had the floor model. Bummer. Nick tracked someone down and found out they would let us buy it for $40.00! Are you kidding me??? So we snatched it up and took it home. It can break next month and I think I will have gotten my money out of the thing.

Anyway, the only reason I tell that story is because I felt as if it were God smacking me upside the head with a coffee maker saying "do you see this? I always take care of you. Even in the little things. Stop. Freaking. Out" God has to tell me to stop freaking out a lot in life.

Please just keep us in your prayers. I'll let you know as soon as we know anything and in the meantime I am going to stop freaking out.