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Maybe getting there??

Yesterday was the first day of our Operation Potty Training. As many of you know I've been on and off training Cal for the past year and let's just say it's been exhausting. I say on and off because after doing it for a while I would stop. He just wasn't ready. Or didn't want to. Or something but bottom line was, it wasn't working and all we were accomplishing was that Cal and I may have developed a mild disdain for one another. Humph!

My Aunt's words are still ringing through my head when she told me she bet I would see a big change in him now that he's three and those words are already true! So happy about that! He's starting to pick up toys without being asked! Or tell someone he's sorry without being forced. Wow!

Yesterday as I said was the first day of our new (and hopefully) final round of potty training. I am happy to report that he stayed dry...even through naptime! I put him in underpants and at nap changed him back into a pull up! I am hoping this is the start of something!

The only bad thing is that Nick and I have been holding Disney World over his head since Nick doesn't want to go until he's potty trained. We are going next year as scheduled but every time he sits on the potty he yells "I'm ready to go to Disney!"...he's got a little bit of a wait coming, that kid :)
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