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You may not recognize this person but this is Emma. She is 4 years old and is looking so grown up lately. Wow, I can hardly believe she is going to be 5 in less than 100 days (she asks me how many days until her birthday practically every day!). Emma is a girl who is so after my heart and the heart of God. She's just kind to everyone. She's colorblind...not literally but in terms of race, or economic status. She'll play with anyone and I love that about her. She wants to be a Mommy when she grows up. She loves folding laundry and learning to embroider. She's just so cute! Every day during Cal's naptime she is up in her room for quiet time and I just love listening to her playing! Tea parties unfold, pretend villages for her Hello Kitty's, on and on. She's just so fun!
I don't talk about her much because she is just so no trouble at all...Cal on the other hand keeps us hopping and stumped most of the time :) . We've talked about homeschooling and if we should do it or not. My heart is really leaning towards it. I just want to keep her as young as possible. I want her to have a heart for God and keeping her naive is fine with me. It pains me to think of her ever getting picked on or made fun of. Those are my reasons for homeschooling. Emma has made it into round one though for a local academy so next Saturday she will be going through a testing process. I am nervous and excited for her. We've decided that if don't go to homeschooling then this is the only school we would want her to go to. I'm nervous about her getting in though because I am scared of her going there if God wants us to homeschool...Nick is pretty adament about her going to this school and I guess I am on the fence :/ Just pray for us. I know ultimately God's will will be done. I just need to have faith and now worry. I've been praying about our school decision for a long time and I am at peace with homeschooling. Of course we don't leave decisions up to our four year old but asked multiple times, Emma says she wants to do homeschooling. So we will see.
So that is what has been going on with Kazoo.
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