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Hello Friend

Hey there!

So since it is 5:15 in the morning and none of my friends would appreciate me calling them so early to talk, I thought I would simply type. Here are random thoughts, things going on:

Cal had his evaluation for the special education preschool and it looks like he is only going to need Speech Therapy. Praise the Lord! They also said that they put him through the Kindergarten Readiness test and he passed...he's even on the high side of above average...the kid JUST turned three so I am pretty proud of the little guy!

I have been dealing with this huge fear of death...I am not sure what is going on but it is just almost mind always seems to find something to worry about if there is nothing really going on so...maybe that's what it is? I just feel like I have so much to live for and it kills me to think of the children and Nick if I were gone. Ugh. Nick said it's a thought that's there for everyone you just have to learn how to not think about it and just LIVE. So that's what I am working on.

Yesterday I forgot that Emma had show and tell. She said she was the only one that didn't have anything which made her and I cry all the way home...I feel like a terrible mother :(

Emma's evaluation into a local academy is Saturday. I so want to just homeschool the girl. Nick want's the academy so we are stuck.

The school cal was tested in is what would be our public school if we send them there...I hated it. Emma would get eaten alive by these kids...her little soul would just be crushed.

I have the best husband ever... ever

Last night Emma and I went shoe shopping and had THE best time! Nick stayed home with Cal and they had guy time. I love our family.

I keep feeling really, really stressed. No reason...or perhaps I need a break? :)

So that is what is going on with me. Hope you are all doing well! :)
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