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Christmas Pictures Part 2

One of the things that we do every Christmas season is go to Chicago to eat at the Walnut Room. They have this huge tree that can be seen here:
Every year they decorate it differently and we just love it. Anyway you eat lunch there and then we take our letters to Santa and mail them. Here are some pictures of the day:
Here's Emma. Isn't she just a doll? I love this lady so much!!!

Here's the Kazoo and me

And on the other side of the table are the boys...the stark contrast of pictures from either side of the table just makes me giggle! Love, love, love our family!

And here's C-Bear all on his own. If you look REALLY close you'll see he has a mark on his forehead. Yep, no day would be complete unless your mom smashed your face into the pavement, right? I'm such a good mother :/ From what I can remember though I tripped getting him out of the car and kind of pushed him out of the way of me falling on top of him. He bumped his head pretty good and I was freaked out. I was going to go get him some then I'm the mother walking to the restaurant with the child screaming "no ice! No ice! I'm ice!" so I knew he would be okay. Poor baby :(
And there's that hottie of a husband of mine! He just really takes my breath away. Ahhh..
When you to to the Walnut Room there is a Sugar Plum Fairy that will come to your table and sprinkle Fairy Dust. She's amazing! This is the same Fairy we had last year! She carries a bag marked "college fund" for her tips :) She has such a cool story and is so into it...she was telling the kids how she used to live a few doors down from Santa in a gingerbread house until one day the reindeer got loose and started eating her house! So now she lives closer to the Tooth Fairy. How precious is that? It makes our year, I tell ya! Oh and by the way, she's sprinkling Cal because every year Em gets shy and doesn't want to make a wish. Maybe next year???
We also get a picture every year in front of the tree so here we are :) CHEESE!

Here are our Christmas lists all ready to go! We spent a lot of time making them this year...they are decorated with stickers even :)
Here's Cal's going in...
hm, not so sure where Em's picture went with the letter box...oh well. Here's Nick at the Legoland store. We went there and the kids had a blast!

Here they are with their buddy! Well Emma's buddy. I think Cal's STILL looking for Buzz Lightyear, poor guy
So Daddy went and bought him one! Our last stop of the day was for icecream. There is this darling icecream shop and we had the best time!
Well...most of us had a great time :/ In here defense it did take a LONG time to get our order
So that's our trip to Chicago. On the way home we got stuck in some type of mother of all traffic jams. We sat in traffic for two hours before we were able to get off an on ramp and just take whatever roads we could find to get home. It was a long night home but the kids were such troopers. And our neighbors were great. I had the crockpot meal burning nicely on the counter and thankfully they went over and unplugged the thing and let poor Lucy out.
I think the next pictures to post are from Cookie Day :)