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Bear Down Chicago Bears!

Huge confession here: We didn't watch the Bears/Packers Game on Sunday. Not even a minute of it. Nick loves the Bears but he had to go into work (sucks!). He didn't get to watch it either.

I spoke with him Sunday morning and he was having a horrid morning...having to deal with something like not enough material for the two shifts after his and trying to figure out a solution. On top of other things it sounded like a rough day.

So I got the peanut gallery all dressed up and started shooting. I texted him this picture and got a response back reading "thanks guys, this makes my day, love you"...we love that man so much. He provides so well for us despite having to miss his most anticipated game :(

Oh and btw...he figured out the problem and saved tons of people from not being able to work...I love that he does things like that without commending himself or seeking credit. What a man of God!
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